The Probe International Ltd

The Probe International (TPI) Ltd for Inspection & Quality Control Training, Development, Qualification and Consultancy.

TPI is one of the advanced Third Party inspection companies, established in 2013 dealing with Testing, Verifications, Inspection and Quality Control, QC is a strategic tool that reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors, and increasing productivity. ALL NDT;UT,PT,MT&RT.

TPI field of work, ranging from Meat Inspection & Hygiene, Food such as Cereals and Grains, Dry food, Canned food Inspection, etc., Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Body Care Products, Chemicals, Herbicides, Pesticides, Insecticides, Forensic Engineering, Molecular biology; Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Medical Equipment and Reagents, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Dairy & Dairy by product, Livestock & General Trade Materials such as Heavy Industrial Machinery, Non-destructive testing (NDT), Nautical and Aviation Devices and Equipment, into Gas, Fossil Crude Oil and its Derivatives.

TPI is good for you, if you are manufacturing goods from scratch, you are advised to ask for ISO 2859 to be Included in your contract with your supplier.

ISO2859 is to maintain Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) of production according to your prototype

TPI, All testing of the consignments done in a fully accredited laboratories by ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation).

TPI determined to provide High Quality of inspection Services to its client in the Gas & Oil sector , Electricals & Electronics, Materials, Machineries & Manufacturing, Ships & Vessels, Containers & Cargos, Holds & Halts, Medical Equipment & Pharmaceuticals, Nautical & Aeronautical, Food & Fodders etc. Verification of Product & Process Quality.

Our team ready to Inspect, Calibrate, Standardise and examine all types of materials according to the terms and condition of the agreements, meeting the specifications of ISO17020 management standard, therefore the Inspection providing audit reports according to ISO-IEC:17020/2012 standard.


Our well trained, Multilingual and Multinational staff can take any work, anywhere at any time and ready to work on short notice.

Our job in Inspection, Conformity, Testing, Verification, Training, Development, ISO certification renewal and Quality Control is fully guaranteed to meet and comply with the client’s requirements and international management standard, simply because, our unique staff, (with a wealth of experience worth of 25 years), investing their comprehensive experience in Quality Control.

Our commitments & Standard of services




Reliability & Good Quality Services

Applying the latest strategic tools for Inspection & QC

Determined to provide High Quality Services

Our Highly Qualified Inspectors will add value to your esteemed organisation.

Impartiality and Integrity are important for us to protect our client’s interest

TPI can provide you with:

Free Consultation & Advice before agreement & contracts

Free Solving Inspection Problems at critical times when needed

No fees for retesting only pay for laboratory fees

Free second opinion

10% discount for new customers from our standard fees

ISO Certifications approved by ILAC.

Training And Development


1. Pre-Production Inspection (PPI), can give the right decision to go ahead for the product or not, by testing the row material before starting manufacturing.

2. During Production Inspection (DPI), it is a useful tool to check the quality of the product during production, whereas defective products discovered earlier, in order to maintain the quality of the product to the standard required.

3. Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI), in which the End product checked randomly Qualitatively & Quantitatively.

4. Non-destructive test (NDT), this is carried out on the products by so many different tests, depends on the Industrial product.



Field and work experience:

Since establishing of the company in May 2013, staff and owners of company endeavours to obtain the necessary registration and accreditation to practice the inspection work in professionalism like manner, as such ambition and determination, within a year the company became accredited by the Libyan National centre for Standardisation and Metrology (LNCSM). the company also accredited by National Oil Corporation (NOC), Oil & Gas authority, Libya

Successful work experience carried out by the company:

At the end of 2014 – 2017, the company carried out several inspection jobs, worth of millions of Libyan Dinars, locally on behalf and for the Price Stability Fund, Ministry of Economy, Libya. And internationally on behalf and for the Joint Stock National Company for Flour Mills and Fodder, Ukraine, inspection was carried out on 25.000MT of yellow corn worth over 5.5 million dollars.

In 2016 the company becomes registered at Mellitah Oil & Gas B. V., as such registration the company were successful (2017) of obtaining several inspection jobs for consignment worth of over 15 million Euros, at Siemens turbomachinery factory in Finspong Sweden and at General Electrical and Baker Hughes (GE:BH) Budapest, Hungary.

Siemens turbomachinery factory in Finspong Sweden inspection work orders carried out on inspection of 2,40K Gas Turbine spare kits worth of over 12 million Euros and inspection of reconditioned Gas Turbine, vanes and guided vanes.

General Electrical and Baker Hughes (GE:BH) Budapest, Hungary inspection: Factory Acceptance Test, (FAT), was carried out on inspection of 3 Gas turbine control units with its software.

The head of the company Technical department and his team with the head of the Quality Assurance department with his team also our leading auditor, they were all successfully in achieving their goals for the last 6 years and their future plan; is to increase the scope of work and planned to get more jobs in their strategy, based on very good relations with previous clientele and the quality of services they have submitted to our clients